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ACNLP平台提供使用简单、功能强大、性能可靠的中文自然语言分析云服务。 ACNLP platform provides easy to use, powerful and reliable performance of Chinese natural language analysis of cloud services.

互联网时代信息无处不在,我们日常所接触的大量信息例如微博、社交媒体网站的帖子、消费者点评、新闻、销售人员的拜访记录以及可以转换成文本的语音内容,这些都是常见的非结构化数据来源。 Internet era, information is everywhere, a lot of information in our daily contact with such as call records microblogging, social media sites post, consumer reviews, news, sales personnel and the contents of the text can be converted into speech, these are common non structured data sources.

根据2011年IDC的调查,非结构化数据将占未来十年所创造数据的90%。作为一个尚未得到充分开发的信息源,非结构化数据分析可以揭示之前很难或无法确定的重要相互关系。 According to the 2011 IDC survey, unstructured data will account for 90% of the data created by the next decade. Not yet been fully developed as a source of information, unstructured data analysis difficult or important relationship can not be determined before it can be revealed.

非结构化数据分析能够揭示潜藏在文本当中的趋势和关联,为商业决策、研究行业趋势和热点内容分析提供有力支持。 Unstructured data analysis can reveal hidden text in which trends and associated business decisions, research industry trends and hot content analysis to provide strong support.

ACNLP团队致力于打造最出色的中文语义分析技术,通过自主研发的关键词提取、词性标记、情感分析、相似性推荐、自动文摘和自动文档分类,结合海量行业语料的不断积累,为企业和广大开发者提供简单、强大、可靠的中文语义分析云端API。 ACNLP team is committed to creating the best Chinese semantic analysis technology to extract through independent research keywords speech tags, sentiment analysis, similarity recommendation, automatic summarization and automatic document classification, combined with massive corpus industry continue to accumulate, and the vast majority of enterprises developer provides a simple, robust and reliable Chinese semantic analysis Cloud API.


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开放语义API Open Semantic API

标准化的语义分析云服务,无需本 地安装,30秒注册即可试用。 Standardized semantic analysis of cloud services, without local installation, 30 seconds to register a trial.

语义分析解决方案 Semantic Analysis Solution

面向客户的垂直行业数据分析解决 方案,利用ACNLP强大的基础数据和 技术积累,快速制定个性化的分析 解决方案。 Vertical industry-oriented customer data analysis solutions that leverage powerful ACNLP basic data and technology accumulation, the rapid development of personalized analysis solution.


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